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Live Caricatures - Weddings, Parties and Corporate Event
Live Caricatures, cartoon, trade shows, corporate functions, grand openings, weddings, birthday parties, sportsman nights, bat/bar mitzvahs, live entertainment
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All you need to know about Live Caricature Entertainment

What is Live Caricature Entertainment?

I’m hired to illustrate live “on the spot” caricatures of you and your guests so they can take home a one of a kind gift memento to remember and cherish your special event.

What kind of events do you draw caricatures at?

Just about any occasion. From kids parties, retirements, corporate events, trade shows, grand openings, birthday parties, bar/batmitvahs….you name it!

How long does it take you to draw a caricature

The average time for each caricature is 3-5 minutes black & white, I usually draw between 12-15 per hour. Colour caricatures are an option but are a lot more time consuming at 5-7 completed per hour

Do you stay in one spot or walk around the room?

Usually at most functions I’ll set up an easel in a prominent view that encourages guests to mingle and huddle around and watch as the “ model “ is being caricatured. At some functions where it is more formal, I’m happy to move around the room and draw your guests.

What do I need to know before hiring you for an event?

When deciding on how many hours your willing to make a booking for, you can estimate how many people are going to be at your event and how may you think will want a caricature done. The usual length of a booking for a party is between 2 – 4 hours, although I have taken bookings much longer . Also, other details, the date of the event, location, time, directions etc

How much do you charge?

That all depends on the details pertaining to the previous question. I usually have a 2 hour minimum. Please call me directly or e-mail me to discuss this further.

What if I need more than 1 caricaturist for my event?

No Problem ! I know & have worked with other very talented artists in the past. Just let me know and I can arrange for more artists if needed. I’ll be glad to find you another caricaturist should I be unable to personally attend your event, or if you would like to hire additional caricaturists for larger events.

Is there a limit to the distance you are prepared to work?

Even though I am based in Melbourne Victoria, I’m happy to work in country areas, interstate and overseas at an additional cost, please contact me to discuss this further if required.

Do I need to supply paper, tables, chairs etc?

Adequate lighting is the main thing I require. All drawing equipment and paper is supplied by me. If you require customised paper with your company logo or message it can be organised by me at an additional cost. When making a booking and I know more about the event, I’ll advise you if I need additional chairs, tables etc.

How  much time do I need to book you for an event?

I prefer at least a week in advance notice with a signed booking form that I will either fax / e-mail over to you or put in the mail. At certain times things get a little hectic and I get calls for a booking on the day of the event

What types of art do you specialise in?

I also do other forms of artwork such as Gift Caricatures, Portraits, Landscapes, Automotive and other stylised forms of Illustration. Please feel free to browse my galleries to see more of my Art.